Free Needs Analysis
Download Solo Vita Wellness – Needs Analysis FormFree Needs Analysis! I will gather the necessary information from you in order to guide you in the right direction towards better health with a FREE Needs Analysis. I will have you answer some questions on a Needs Analysis Form by email or via live web chat on Skype. At that time, I will assess your needs and offer guidance on improving diet, lifestyle and the need for supplementation. (One complimentary Needs Analysis per person). Then we can discuss which of the 2 Questionnaires would be most suitable for you to order.
My Fees

Select and pay for the service that best meet your needs. Once you have paid it is important to click on the "Return to website" link in PayPal in order to retrieve your Questionnaire. You will be directed to a page on our website that will allow you to download the Questionnaire(s). 

Please complete the Questionnaire(s) and email it back to me. I will prepare your personalized Report and email it to you. Questionnaires, Coaching and Support Services are offered by email and live Web Chat on Skype. Purchase additional coaching and support at any time.

Holistic Health Assessment


Includes 3 months coaching & support
Total Wellness Plan


Includes 3 months coaching & support


Includes 6 months coaching & support
Re-Do Holistic Health Assessment Questionnaire


Includes 2 months coaching & support
Re-Do Total Wellness Plan Questionnaire


Includes 2 months coaching & support
Fees for additional coaching and support


3 months
Fees for additional coaching and support


6 months
Fees for additional coaching and support


12 months (1 Year)

 (Please note that all fees are payable in Canadian Dollars via PayPal with Visa or Mastercard, or alternately from your own PayPal account if you have one)

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My Services
Health QuizHolistic Health Assessment
This Holistic Health Assessment is based on symptomatology and is amazingly accurate and insightful. The Report will reveal nutritional deficiencies, toxins, digestive imbalances, hormonal issues and more! It features a personalized program of interpretations and recommendations based on your individual needs.

Examples include: suggestions on cleansing and supplementation.


Total Wellness Plan by HealthQuiz.caTotal Wellness Plan
This Holistic Total Wellness Plan analyzes 3 key areas of health: nutritional balance, physical activity level and your holistic wellness. It then provides you with a detailed, structured and goal-oriented action plan that encourages you to become an active participant in your own life.

Examples include: ways to ensure that you are drinking enough water; suggestions to improve upon your physical endurance level; and improving your self-esteem.

Choose to re-do either the Holistic Health Assessment or the Total Wellness Plan at any time in the future in order to gage your improvements as you progress toward nutritional balance and better health. Doing so is very insightful in terms of determining what area may still need to be improved on.

What You Get with Coaching & Support
From many years of experience, I know that people often begin a wellness plan with lots of energy, enthusiasm, focus and the best intentions for their own success. In reality, life often gets in the way and enthusiasm is diminished for many different reasons. Weather you have purchased a service that includes 3 months of coaching & support or are purchasing additional coaching & support, my goal is to coach you and support you in your journey to wellness in ways such as these:

I will provide you with unlimited coaching and support via email and Skype (based on subscribed plan).

Personalized Report
I will assess your current state of health and wellness with whichever assessment you have chosen by reviewing your scores and providing you with a written Report that focuses on your strengths and how to improve your weaknesses. My intention is to help you progress through the prescribed program at your own pace but with strong support and encouragement by me.


Inform and Educate

I will email you information that helps keep you motivated such as links to nationally recognized health authorities, articles on health, handouts, testimonies from others who have had success, a wellness ‘contract with myself’ that you can sign and post up to remind yourself of your goals. It also includes referrals to my circle of complimentary modalities that can further assist you (ie. massage therapists, fitness clubs, personal trainers, RNCP’s, Reiki Masters, personal organizers, fung shui experts, holistic allergy testing professionals, structural integration therapists, osteopaths, live blood analysis professionals, aromatherapy experts, therapeutic touch professionals, etc). Tools also include email reminders, daily affirmations and links to books and eBooks related to your goals.

Goal Setting
I will ask relevant and probing questions related to your health, wellness and lifestyle. I will then help you set goals, review them, achieve them and then set even bigger goals, while inspiring you and empowering you to achieve what it is you want to achieve. I focus on SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Action-oriented, Realistic, and Timed).


Wellness Topics

The general topics we will discuss, in addition to your personalized Report will be things such as healthy eating, supplementation, the benefits of drinking water (and how to incorporate more into your body), the need for cleansing and how to proceed safely, proper blood sugar regulation, weight loss principles, physical activity principles, which cleaning products to eliminate so as to reduce your exposure to toxins, how to have healthy digestion and cancer prevention.

By definition, a coach motivates you and gets you out of your comfort zone. I will likely ask you for a commitment to your wellness. I will offer praise every step of the way, and hope to challenge you to begin a new behaviour.



Here is where I offer advice, supervise your program(s) and create a plan of action for you to follow.

I am a fact-finder by nature, who will find solutions for you.



This involves compassion, caring, commitment, communication, competence and confidence. I am dedicated to your success.