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Your body is unique. There is no one exactly the same as you! Your nutritional requirements and state of wellness change over time depending on many different factors.

Wouldn't it be nice to know what your body actually needs? What if someone could show you snapshot of what is going on inside your body? Would that be helpful to you? Holistic Health Assessment. What if someone could look at the health areas of your life and show you what areas are unbalanced? Wouldn’t you like to know those findings? Total Wellness Plan.

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By offering to you the results of either the Holistic Health Assessment or the Total Wellness Plan, I empower you with answers so you can begin to take action toward building and maintaining your ultimate level of wellness.
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A Needs Analysis is always FREE! During this needs analysis I take the time to get to know your needs, health issues and goals. You will receive guidance to help move you toward nutritional balance. We will decide which of the 2 Questionnaires would be most suited to you; either the Health Assessment or the Total Wellness Plan. 

These 2 different kinds of holistic health Questionnaires will determine your current health status.You choose which one best suits your needs or choose both and save!. I email the appropriate Questionnaire to you and you email it back to me completed. Once I have the results, I will provide you with a Report containing dietary, physical activity, lifestyle and supplement recommendations based on the results and depending on which Questionnaire you chose. Coaching and support, which is included in the price, ensures you are meeting your goals, staying on track and that you are accountable for your results. 

You will be empowered to make meaningful changes through knowledge and support. 

My johealth and wellness quiz -Christine Maioranourney to wellness began in 2002 when my own health was suffering. I made some simple dietary and lifestyle changes which included the addition of a few key nutrients which have been processed out of our food…and it changed my life!

As a Certified Nutrition and Wellness Specialist, I will create for you either a customized Holistic Health Assessment or Total Wellness Plan. They work!

I truly believe that the right knowledge is the key to making smart decisions about your health.

Are you ready?

In Good Health,
Christine Maiorano, Certified Nutrition & Wellness Specialist


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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is the difference between the 2 Questionnaires I fill out and the 2 Reports that I will receive?
  2. What is the cost and how do I pay?
  3. How do I begin? 
  4. Is it guaranteed?
  5. Do you diagnose disease?
  6. What do I get with Coaching & Support?


Q: What is the difference between the 2 Questionnaires I fill out and the 2 Reports that I will receive? 
A: The 2 Questionnaires are very different and offer different insights into your current state of wellness.

The Holistic Health Assessment Questionnaire is based on you answering numerous questions about your symptoms. Every symptom is related to a nutrient deficiency in your body. Your Report interprets how these symptoms play a role in your ultimate state of health. For example; is your body burdened by unwanted toxins? The Report will reveal this. Or, are your hormones out of balance due to low blood sugar issues? The Report will reveal this. Or, do you have vitamin and mineral deficiencies that need to be corrected? The Report will reveal this too. This Report is like a snapshot of what is going on inside your body. Your Report will deliver dietary, lifestyle and supplement recommendations to help you toward balanced health. The focus of this Report is on correcting nutritional deficiencies through making small improvements and it will also provide supplementation advice.

The Total Wellness Plan Questionnaire asks you questions about 3 key areas of your life: how is your holistic wellness?; how is your level of nutritional balance?; and how is your current level of physical activity? Your Report will reveal where the deficiencies lie in each area. Then, each area is analyzed and at least 3 suggestions for improvement will be offered within each area.

For example, areas analyzed and guidance given for Nutritional Balance include: carbohydrate consumption; protein consumption; fat consumption; micronutrients and weight management.
Areas analyzed and guidance given for physical activity include: cardiovascular conditioning; resistance training; flexibility; weight management and overall physical activity level.

Areas analyzed and guidance given for Holistic Wellness include: attention to self; self-esteem; stress management; time management; interaction with others; and setting goals.

Both short-term and long-term goals will be set for improvements in each area. The focus of this Report is total wellness.
Q: What is the cost and how do I pay?
A: The Holistic Health Assessment is $99.00 (Canadian) and includes 3 months coaching and support. The Total Wellness Plan is $99.00 (Canadian) and includes 3 months coaching and support. I accept payments through PayPal. You can simply pay by Credit Card, you don't need a PayPal account. It's fast, easy and very secure!
Q: How do I begin?

A: Contact me for my FREE Needs Analysis by email through the Contact Us form, or live web chat on Skype (Skype ID. Christine.SoloVitaWellness).

Click the Services Tab, select and pay for the service that best meet your needs. Once payment is received, the Questionnaire(s) will be emailed to you. Please complete the Questionnaire(s) and email it back to me. I will prepare your personalized Report and email it to you. Questionnaires, Coaching and Support Services are offered by email or live Web Chat on Skype. Purchase additional coaching and support at any time. Both Questionnairs are in MS Excel format and will automatically total your scores. 

I use my proprietary methodologies to determine the likelihood of your imbalances and I create your personal Health Assessment or Total Wellness Plan with recommendations. Advice on which
foods and supplements would be helpful are also included.
After the Report is sent to you and once you are following the recommendations, you can email me for additional help, or for answers to any questions you may have, at no additional charge for as long as the coaching you purchased is valid. I will keep in contact with you.
And.. you are now on your way to lifelong optimum health! Purchase additional coaching and support at any time. You can also purchase a Re-Do at any time in the future to help track your progress and results.
Q: Is it guaranteed?
A: If you fill out either of the Questionnaires accurately and honestly, the results have shown to be accurate. However, your individual results depend on you and your level of commitment to the guidance provided. Therefore, I cannot guarantee your results....only you can.
Q: Do you diagnose disease?
A: As I am not a medical Doctor, the purpose is not to diagnose diseases or medical conditions. It is designed to educate and inform in a holistic manner. It is not intended to diagnose disease. If you suspect that you may have a medical problem, please seek competent medical care.